Overland Journey to Mongolia’s Wild Wild West (Golden Eagle Festival)

The longest trip we made and it is a big loop. Total length of this road trip is ~3700km. Final destination is city Ulgii where Kazakh ethnic group of people live and watch Golden Eagle Festival. Along the road we stop on many tourist attractions like lake, cave, rock paintings, river canyon, temples, hot spa, and many more.
ROUTE: Ulaanbaatar-Arvaikheer-Bayankhongor-Altai-Khovd city-Ulgii-Khovd village-Umnugobi village-Naranbulag-Tosontsengel-Tsetserleg-Kharkhorin-Ulaanbaatar
We will camp with tent, cook ourselves, share meals and fun. Riders must have their own tents, sleeping bags etc. About food, you have to buy food materials and water in Ulaanbaatar for stock. We cook together, it will be fun.


Cost is $100 a day (without gasoline) by 4×4 car. Travelers have to buy and share cost of gasoline, food (B/L/D), and accommodation of driver and guide as well. Email us your questions at monsumya@gmail.com.