Weekend Getaway to Mini-Gobi Elsen Tasarkhai

What you do this weekend? Any plan? Let’s go to Elsen Tasarkhai or mini Gobi to my friend’s place and sleep overnight in ger with locals, drinking, eating. It is fun. You also can ride camel on the sand dune.


Accommodation: Ger
Vehicle: Private Compact Vehicle
Duration: 2 days
Status: Available


Price: US$200 per person (including transportation, accommodation, and food)
Payment term: Cash either USD or equal MNT before start of trip
Not included: Cost for activities such as camel riding (₮15,000 per hour, per camel) payable to local nomadic family. (Remember you are also expected to pay the herder’s camel also.)

It is also birthing season for animals. There are many baby sheep and kids outside. How is that? Let us know by calling or SMS to 99-129-129.

What to expect:

  • 4 hours of driving, 280km west from Ulaanbaatar by paved road
  • Take your own snacks, drinks, water
  • Use hand sanitizer, after contact with furry animals 😀👋
  • Do you have allergy from dust, furry animal? 😀
  • Bring your own sleeping bag
  • Sleeping overnight in yurt or ger
  • Buy some chocolates, candies in case if there are children
  • Learning how to make traditional Mongolian food
  • Riding camel on sand dune
  • Drinking Mongolian tea (salty milk tea)
  • Helping nomadic family to round up their animals
  • Food is not vegetarian, is heavily with mutton, sheep meat. No halal meat.
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