Roadtrip to Gobi Desert

Mongolian Gobi desert is the most popular destination among travelers. Totally different than African Sahara desert, Gobi Desert, the fifth largest desert in the world, has its own grassland, vegetation, animals, wildlife, trees, mountains, sand dunes, rivers, plains. You can stretch your eyes as far as you can.

Gobi is also a cold desert with frosts, frozen rivers during mid-summer, temperatures are very changeable, it can range between -40 Degrees Celsius in the winter, +45 Degrees Celsius in summer. These can occur not only seasonally but also within 24 hours.  Where else in the world, do you see snow covered sand dunes? Only in Mongolia. Mongolian Gobi desert was formed because of the Himalayas, which blocked the travel of rain-carrying clouds from the Indian Ocean.

When traveling in Mongolian Gobi desert, you will see endless plains, hundreds of animals crossing your road, wild birds, animals, amazing landscapes which was once bottom of sea, and sites which is famous for its paleontology findings, dinosaur bones, fossilized trees, massive earth formations that looked like different planet, sky-high sand dunes singing in the wind.

You will experience sleeping in yurt, visiting local nomadic families, helping them rounding up animals, helping them to cook traditional local food, riding horses in Yolin Am valley, riding bactrian camels to the sand dunes, hiking and climbing to the top of sand dune, watching sun rise and sunset, countless bright stars, Milky Way, Big Dipper, Polar Star and many more.

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