Roadtrip to Lake Khuvsgul (Khatgal Village)

5-6 day trip. Total length of the trip is around 2000km.

  • Car +Driver+Guide is US$80 a day (plus US$260 gasoline for two way) by 4×4 car. ROUTE: Ulaanbaatar-Amarbayasgalant Monastery-Erdenet city-Bulgan city-Uran Togoo-Murun city (Uushgiin Uvur Reindeer Stones)-Khatgal village (Lake Khuvsgul)-UB.
  • Car+Driver/Translator is US$50 a day (plus US$160 gasoline for two way) by compact car. ROUTE: Ulaanbaatar-Erdenet city-Bulgan city-Uran Togoo-Murun city-Khatgal village (Lake Khuvsgul)-UB.

NOT INCLUDED: Food, accommodation at ger camp (20K), entrance ticket to national park (3K), cost for activities such as riding horse, water taxi, visit to shaman home, riding reindeer. Riders have to pay and share cost of gasoline, driver and guide’s food (B/L/D) and accommodation. Email us to book this trip at




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