I want to take a day trip to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.
A ride to Terelj National Park with a stopover at Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex and come back to UB will cost you US$50. Price does not include food, ticket to national park (3K), temple (2K), museum (8,500), taking pictures with wild bird on your hand (5K), and cost for horse riding (15K).

We would like to do walking tour around city and some shopping. Is it something you offer?
Going here and there within city is no problem. Let us know where would you like to go. Of course we will help with translation. Take a private tour by car and ask your Local Friends all the questions you cannot ask a guidebook. Ulaanbaatar is very unique in the world that it is a mixture of modern lifestyle of sky towers, luxury buildings, famous hotels, restaurants together with nomadic lifestyle yurt homes around the suburb of the city, they all exist in one place.

What I should pack up on my luggage? Can you suggest some?
Here is an example of a suitable packing list:
main luggage – it is a good idea to take a soft bag for ease of travelling
‘daypack’– a smaller bag to carry during the day
luggage padlocks
money belt to carry passport, cash, credit cards, airline tickets, etc.
personal medical kit– pain killers etc
antibacterial wipes – wipes such as ‘Wet Ones’ or antibacterial hand sanitizer to
clean hands before eating
electricity conversion plug
spare glasses– Mongolia is very dry, so it is difficult to take good care of lenses
trousers/or long skirts for women
long-sleeved shirts/tops of light cotton material
walking shoes and socks –it is important to have sturdy and comfortable shoes for sightseeing every day
sun protection – hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm
rain/windproof jacket
light jumpers or thermals– these are great for layering, warm socks, gloves, a beanie and a scarf
a torch and supply of reliable batteries, power bank
snacks – tea/coffee bags, milk powder or sachets, instant soups or noodles, drinking chocolate, muesli, energy snacks, vegemite or anything else you can’t live without!
Toilet paper – very handy!

I want to take a road trip to countryside. Besides driver and gasoline, what other costs I should calculate before the roadtrip?
First of all, you decide whether you would want to do camping and cook own food during the trip or no cooking, just stay in tourist camps, and just eat whatever is available there.
-> If you want to cook, riders will share cost of buying food materials (See picture below) enough for the trip. We will share meals and fun. We will cook together. It will be fun.
-> If you don’t want to cook and prefer traveling by staying in ger camps, then riders are expected to pay cost of food (B/L/D) and accommodation for driver and guide during the countryside trip. It will save a lot of time and space.

FYI For your rough estimation of budget:
Gasoline price: MNT 1,630 per liter (Regular) in Ulaanbaatar, MNT 1,760 per liter (Regular) in Ulaangom.
Fuel consumption: 8-18L per 100km depending on vehicle.
Food & drink price: KFC burger 7,500₮, KFC Combo 10,000₮, Huushuur 800₮ per piece, Small cafes in UB 4,000₮-10,000₮ per dish, Fine dining restaurant in UB 20,000₮-40,000₮ per dish, Local beer at supermarket ~2,000₮, Drinks at bar 3500₮-6000₮, Entrance tax to night club: ~30,000₮ per visitor. Karaoke: ~30,000₮ per hour
Accommodation price: UB homestays ~20$ per night, Countryside ger homestays 10,000₮ per bed, Countryside ger camps 10$-45$ per bed, Dorm style guesthouses in UB 8$-10$ per bed, Hotels in UB ~120$ and higher.
Horse riding: 10,000₮-15,000₮ per hour per horse (you also expected to pay horseman guide) Camel riding: 10,000₮ per hour per camel (you also expected to pay guide)
Entrance ticket to Terelj National Park: 3,000₮ per person
Entrance ticket to Hustai National Park: 18,000₮ per person
Entrance ticket to Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex: 8,500₮ per person.
Entrance ticket to 13th Century Theme Park: 55,000₮.
Entrance ticket to Erdenezuu Museum: 5,000₮
Entrance ticket to Gandan Monastery: 4,000₮ (+ 7,000₮ for photography)
Public bus fare within city Ulaanbaatar: MNT 500 (0.25$) per ride
Taxi fare in Ulaanbaatar: MNT800 /km
Museum ticket: 3,000₮-10,000₮ per visitor,
Massage service in UB: ~80,000₮
Public sauna in UB: 25,000₮-35,000₮
Local SIM card – ~15,000₮ with unlimited data bundle
Tent: 60,000₮-350,000₮ depending on size
Sleeping bag: ~40,000₮

What kind of food material is available to stock up for the trip? Are rice noodles available?
Yes, all kinds of foods are available here in Ulaanbaatar. You have to buy food material for stock here in Ulaanbaatar. In local stores in villages, not that many choices are available. From shops in remote villages or towns, we can only buy bottled waters, snacks, sweets and candies. Don’t expect to buy eggs from local shop in a remote village.

I’m a vegetarian. Is it difficult for a vegetarian to travel in Mongolia?
Finding vegetarian food in Ulaanbaatar is easy. But once you leave the city for countryside trip, the choice is tiny and complicated. Mongolians are great meat-lovers. Most of the dishes prepared in the countryside will be made of mutton which means sheep or goat meat. But once you explained that you are vegetarian, then it is not that difficult. Restaurants and cafes in the countryside, they will just cook a vegetarian dish for you while cooking non-vegetarian dish.

What stuffs do we have at the back of the car?
If you decide to do camping all the time, we will load these stuffs onto the car. Remember you have to have your own tent and sleeping bag also. Other stuffs, we will just share.

How will we cook? Do you have cooking stuff? 
Yes. What we have is portable gas stove (you buy plenty of butane gas), a pot, a small frying pan. a wooden cutting board, knives, water canister. Please look above picture.

Should I bring pot/utensil for cooking or we share the pots?
If your diet or cooking requires special cooking pot or pressure cooker then you may bring it no problem.

Is it possible to buy a tent in Mongolia? Or better get one from here? The tent can be purchased anywhere? Even in the smaller towns on the way?
You can buy tent in Mongolia, tents can be purchased from Ulaanbaatar only. You can buy tent for cheap in Ulaanbaatar’s largest outdoor market or black market. In smaller towns, don’t expect to spend a time to find a tent or woolen blanket.

Is it possible to get a one-way ride only without coming back to Ulaanbaatar? 
Road trips usually start in Ulaanbaatar and end in Ulaanbaatar. Returning with empty vehicle is not feasible for us. But, if you agree to pay costs related to that, why not.

We pay on tollgates?
No. Driver shall pay for tollgates.

Driver and guide will share cost of gasoline with us too, and pay their own accommodation?
No. Don’t expect the driver or guide to pay cost of accommodation, and share the cost of gasoline. Travelers must pay gasoline, food, accommodation of driver and guide, and share the cost related to that.

What is the water situation?
We buy lots of water bottles for drinking water to stay hydrated. For dish washing, we will just fill water canister with tap water. And, we re-fill the canister from a water well in remote village.

Will it be easy enough for us to get cash out from an ATM during the roadtrip?
Yes, you can get Mongolian money from any bank ATMs during the roadtrip.

Can I withdraw cash in remote village?
Don’t expect availability of ATMs in a remote small village. They are available in major cities and some big villages.

I can get a local SIM card there?
Yes, you can get local SIM card no problem. Or, just borrow one from us, it is easier that way.

For mobile devices is it square pin/circular pin? And is it 220 v or 110v in Mongolia?
220V. two round pins. But universal extension cords are pretty much common used here.

Will we have possibility to shower somewhere during the trip?
Yes, if all agrees to stay in guesthouse or tourist camp on the way, then we can stay where there hot shower is available. In some tourist camps, hot shower price per person is separate from bed rate, some are included. Some camps are open all year around but not many. When in off season, it is impossible to organize all these in advance. We just have to go there and ask.

Would it be possible at some point to sleep in a yurt?
Yes, if all agrees to stay in guesthouse or tourist camp on the way, then let’s rest in yurt someday.

If we stay at ger camps how much do you think that would cost per night?
Around 30$-50$ per bed. Maybe less in ger guesthouses along the road. Maybe cheapest to choose homestays with nomadic families.

What kind of music do you have?
We like instrumental musics and traditional folk songs of Mongolia. We also likes to sing along while driving on the road. Do you sing? Car MP3 list is here on Youtube. + bring your own tunes.

Could we visit some local families on the way? 
That is possible of course. That is usually a part of our trip. Make sure that we will visit nomadic family, at least for stopping by for a cup of tea or stay with them overnight. We must buy some candies, sweets or chocolates in case if there are small children in the family we visit.

Will we have access to some electricity?
Yes, again, if we stay some day in tourist camp there we can recharge our devices, or simply in cafe on the way we can stop for lunch or something and recharge our devices . Some tourist camps do not have 24-hour electricity. Some are powered by diesel generator, it works several hours a day then stops. Also, if you have car re-charger, then you can recharge your device while we driving, no problem.

Can you help us to arrange accommodation in Ulaanbaatar?
We will soon open a comfortable guesthouse on Peace Avenue. Also, local family homestays are already listed on AirBnB. Guesthouse has clean, comfortable private room for budget price of US$15 a night, dorm type bed is US$8 a night. Check some bed & breakfasts we offer here. Light breakfast is included.

Can I get a free ride to airport?
We offer airport transfer services for ₮50,000 per vehicle. Up to 3 passengers can be transferred. If you make a travel deal with us, yes why not. We can provide you with free transfer service to Chinggis Khaan International Airport or Ulaanbaatar Railway Station, no problem.

Can you support us to get a visa?
We can help you to get Mongolian visa.


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