City Tour


Ulaanbaatar is very unique in the world that it is a mixture of modern lifestyle of sky high office towers, luxury malls, famous hotels, restaurants together with nomadic lifestyle of yurt homes around the suburb of the city, they all exist in one place.

We offer driver-guided tours in Ulaanbaatar for US$50 a day with a compact car that accommodates up to 4 passengers. Entrance tickets, and meals are not included. Free water bottles available on board.

ROUTE: Gandan Monastery-National History Museum of Mongolia-Main Square (Chinggis Khaan Statue, Museum of Mongolian Statehood)-Lunch (Restaurant of your choice)-Winter Palace Museum of Bogd Khaan-Zaisan Memorial Hill-Tumen Ekh Ensemble (one-hour cultural show)

Special Interest Subject: Antiques, Arts & Paintings, Souvenirs, Handcrafts, Monastery, Temple, Food & Drink, Galleries, Media, Museums, Music, Wrestling Matches, Photography, Cashmere Shopping, Nightlife

We also undertake walking tours of Ulaanbaatar for family or group of travelers.