We are Local Friends (https://www.facebook.com/localfriendsmongolia), a team of friends who joined together to offer private tours, airport transfers, road trips and fun activities to holiday makers and destination management services to business travelers.

  • Do you need to a place to stay in Ulaanbaatar before and after your countryside trip?
  • Need to hire vehicle with English-speaking driver for your trip in Mongolia?
  • Or join other group of travelers to share cost of driver and gasoline?
  • Do you need an local agent to source products from Mongolia?
  • Do you need a fixer/interpreter for your video shooting in Mongolia?

Hire Local Friends in Mongolia, enjoy feel like at home, start amazing road trip and travel like a local. We share food and fun. We like to travel freely with no plan, and with no pressure of time. We go fishing, drive off-road, meet with interesting people, and make new friends. We like to cook, make traditional Mongolian barbecue (khorkhog), do picnicking outside of city during weekends. Consider you have friends in Mongolia. We will be happy to welcome you and take you around our country.

My name is Jack from New Delhi.  I’m 38 years old, married. I have been living in Ulaanbaatar for more than a decade, so I know Ulaanbaatar city a lot. I work as a manager at an Indian food restaurant in Ulaanbaatar. When friends gather, we cook together both Mongolian and Indian food, but home style, not restaurant style. I like to share my own experiences with travelers, meet with interesting people, and make friends with them. (Whatsapp/Wechat: +976 95131273)


My name is Erdenebulgan (Bulganaa for short). I’m 37 years old, married and father of three. I was born and raised in Gobi desert, vast open steppe  in the south of Mongolia. I live in Ulaanbaatar, and run my own workshop that makes traditional Mongolian yurt canvas, ger coverings, horse saddles, and sell them all at the Narantuul market. I like to cook Mongolian barbecues especially with red hot stones, both khorkhog and grill. I hosted a number of European travelers at my home on the outskirt of Ulaanbaatar. I have skills in organizing long-term horse trekking tours around Central Mongolia.

8888My name is Sumiyabazar (Sumya for short), I am 37 years old, married and father of three. And, I worked as an editor/translator for an English language weekly newspaper of Mongolia for more than 10 years. When I was working for the newspaper, I had many experiences to fix interviews, arrange private tours, accommodation, and transportation for visiting foreign TV crews in Mongolia. I like traveling, camping, driving off-road, go fishing, picnicking, cooking, go clubbing, and hanging out with friends. I was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, so that’s why I know this city very well.

Now, imagine visiting a place where a friend lives. Surely, we will take you to more “trendy” places, will suggest the best restaurants where you can try the specialties, will introduce you to the monuments and landmarks, advise you on how best to explore the city, and above all, you will have a reliable friend for whole Mongolia trip.


Well, we will be your Local Friend in Mongolia. 

We’ll wait for you! 

Locally Yours

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